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Tim Sundell

Tim Sundell

Tim Sundell


Haley Center 6093


  • Ph.D. The University of Michigan

Office Hours

  • Tuesday 1:00-3:00

About Tim Sundell
Associate Professor

I work primarily in the philosophy of language, with additional interests in aesthetics, metaethics, and philosophical and linguistic methodology. Most projects relate in some way or other to normative questions about concept and word choice, along with the linguistic mechanisms by which such questions are debated, negotiated, and settled. These topics sometimes go by the name "conceptual ethics" or "conceptual engineering," while the mechanism that has been my primary focus is what David Plunkett and I have called "metalinguistic negotiation". Current or recent projects have focused on the semantics of aesthetic terminology, the role of metalinguistic negotiation in legal thought and talk, the status of disagreement-based arguments in semantics, and on connections between conceptual ethics, semantics, and metaphysics. My papers have appeared in Philosophical Studies, the Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Philosophers' Imprint, and Legal Theory, among other venues. 

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