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Keren Gorodeisky

Keren Gorodeisky

Keren Gorodeisky


Haley Center 6072


  • PhD Boston University

Office Hours

  • Tuesday 3:30-4:45
  • Thursday 3:30-4:45

About Keren Gorodeisky
Associate Professor

Dr. Gorodeisky works on aesthetics, Kant, judgment, rationality, pleasure, value, and Post-Kantian German philosophy.

These days she is writing a book on the significance of Kant's notion of aesthetic judgment, focusing on this judgment's logical form and sui generis type of rationality. She is also developing an account of aesthetic rationality and aesthetic pleasure. 

Gorodeisky was the 2012-13 Phillip Quinn Felllow at the National Humanities Center.

Representative Publications

"A New Look at Kant's Account of Testimony" (The British Journal of Aesthetics, 50 (2010): 53-70)

"A Tale of Two Faculties" (The British Journal of Aesthetics, 51 (2011): 415-436)

"(Re)encountering Individuality: Schlegel's Romantic Imperative as a Response to Nihilism" (Inquiry, 54 (2011): 567-590)

“Schematizing without a Concept – Imagine that!” in Kant and Philosophy in a Cosmopolitan Sense (Akten des XI. Kant-Kongresses), eds. Stefano Bacin, Alfredo Ferrarin, Claudio La Rocca, and Margi Ruffing (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, 2010): 59-70

(Co-authored with Kelly Jolley) "The Unboundedness of the Plain; or, the Ubiquity of Lilliput? How to Do Things with Thompson Clarke?" (International Journal of Skepticism, 2014)

"'No Poetry, No Reality:' Schlegel, Wittgenstein, Fiction, and Reality" in The Relevance of German Romanticism (Oxford University Press, 2014)

"19th Century Romantic Aesthetics," in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

"Visual Critique: Andrea Büttner’s Immanuel Kant, Critique of the Power of Judgment,” The Walker Art Center Site:

“Pleasure and Value: Comments on Mohan Matthen’s ‘The Pleasure of Art’,” Australasian Philosophical Review, 1.1 (Forthcoming, March 2017)

“May Pleasure be an Exercise of Rational Agency? A Kantian Proposal” in Oxford Philosophical Concepts: Pleasure, ed. Lisa Shapiro (Oxford, UK: Oxford UP, forthcoming)

"Reflection," in the Cambridge Kant Lexicon (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming)

“Form” in The Cambridge Kant Lexicon (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming)

(Co-authored with Eric Marcus) "Aesthetic Rationality," forthcoming in the Journal of Philosophy


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