Arata Hamawaki

Arata Hamawaki Associate Professor
Haley Center 6096
(334) 844-3783

Office Hours

  • Tuesday 2:00-4:00
  • Thursday 2:00-4:00


In my work I develop and explore the implications of the idea that judgment is a free act of mind.  I do so in three different areas: epistemology - in particular, skepticism, perception and objective representation – interpersonal relations, and aesthetics.  I take my point of orientation from Kant, and so consequently much of my work is either chiefly about Kant or draws its inspiration from him.  I am interested also in German Idealism, Early Modern Philosophy, and Wittgenstein.  Currently, I am working on papers on the autonomy of judgment, on the nature of first and second person forms of thought and language, and on the exemplary character of aesthetic judgment.  Among my papers: “Kant on Beauty and the Normative Force of Feeling” in Philosophical Topics, v. 34, n. 1-2, 2006; “Teaching and Learning in Philosophical Investigations”, Jolley, ed., Key Concepts: Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations, Acumen, 2009; “Cavell, Skepticism and the Idea of Philosophical Criticism” (forthcoming in Conant and Kern, eds., Skepticism in Context); "Transcendental Argument, Rational Necessity, and the Activity of Judgment" (forthcoming); “In Search of the Plain and the Philosophical: Skepticism, Transcendence and Self-Knowledge” (ms);; “The Autonomy of Judgment” (ms); “Stanley Cavell on the Condition of Modernism: External World, Other Minds, Art”(ms).


  • Ph.D. Harvard University

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