London calling!

Water fountain near Regent's University in London

Twenty-one Auburn University students are now studying at Regent's University (formerly Regent's College) in Central London for six weeks through the College of Liberal Arts' AU Summer in London Program. The program, now in its sixth year, sends Auburn students under the leadership of two English Department faculty members. The students take a class taught by one of the group leaders and one class taught by a member of Regent's University for a total of six credits. They reside on campus with other students from around the world who are also attending Regent's over the summer. This year's faculty group leaders are Chantel Acevedo, who is teaching a class on creative writing, and Rebecca Brunson, who is teaching a survey of British Literature written before 1789. In addition to teaching these courses, the group leaders will take the Auburn students on five excursions outside of the city of London to such places as Bath, Stonehenge, Windsor, Oxford, and Hampton Court Palace. The entire group will attend a performance of a Shakespeare play at Shakespeare's Globe. Since the inception of the program, Auburn has sent 84 students to study at Regent's in the summer. For information about next year's AU Summer in London Program, students may contact the program's co-directors: Dr. Craig Bertolet  or Dr. Anna Riehl Bertolet

Last Updated: July 05, 2013