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Bachelor of Arts in Music

The Bachelor of Arts in Music curriculum is a unique combination of a music-intensive training program and a traditional broad-based liberal arts education. Music is at the heart of the program, with courses in applied lessons, ensemble participation, music history, music theory, aural skills, conducting and upper division courses in music. The General Education Core curriculum, foreign language study, and courses to complete a minor in a separate area complete the degree requirements. The degree is tailored for undergraduate students who intend to prepare for careers in music other than performance or teaching and for students who exhibit talent and affinity for music, but who want to pursue careers in other fields. Many students choose this degree track to combine with a dual degree in another field.

Entrance into this program is granted upon a successful audition. 

Curriculum Information

The curriculum guides are for informational purposes only, and while deemed accurate, are unofficial. Students should consult College advisors for official curricular information.

Last updated August 05, 2014

Upcoming Events

SERNATS at Auburn University
Mar 27, 2015     

Junior Recital: Andrew Bullard, Piano
Mar 31, 2015      7:30 PM

Junior Recital: Andra Spencer, Oboe
Apr 01, 2015      6:00 PM

Senior Recital: Logan Pouncey, Saxophone
Apr 01, 2015      7:30 PM

Percussion Ensemble Concert
Apr 01, 2015      7:30 PM

Senior Recital: Franz Cao, Saxophone
Apr 02, 2015      6:00 PM

Faculty Recital: Guy Harrison, Violin, with Jeremy Samolesky, Piano
Apr 02, 2015      7:30 PM

Tango Orchestra Club Atlanta Concert
Apr 03, 2015      7:30 PM

Senior Recital: Casey Bailey, Soprano
Apr 07, 2015      6:00 PM

Senior Recital: Elijah Clark, Tuba
Apr 07, 2015      7:30 PM

More Events

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