To-Do List

These recommendations are intended to keep you on track for graduation. The sequenced list assumes that you began the MTPC program in fall semester and that you are taking or have taken 9 hours for each semester during your first year.

First Year, Fall and Spring Semesters

  • Try to complete required courses (ENGL 7000, 7010, 7060, and 7080).
  • If you are a graduate teaching assistant within the English department, you must complete 18 hours of coursework in English before fall semester of your second year.  If not, you will lose your GTA. 
  • Begin thinking about elective courses in technical and professional communication, rhetoric and composition, or linguistics (9 hours) and a coordinated minor (9 hours in English or in another department).
  • Begin thinking about an MTPC faculty member to act as chair of your advisory committee and two other English department faculty (at least one other MTPC) to serve as committee members. Be aware that your first choice may not be available, as professors sometimes take research leaves or may already have committed to chair or serve on their maximum number of advisory committees.     

 Second Year, Fall Semester

  • Early in the of fall semester: Confirm faculty members to act as chair and members of your advisory committee.
  • Gather documents for your portfolio.   
  • Complete your Plan of Study and submit it for approval through the Graduate School.  The form is listed under Forms and Policies on the Graduate School website.  The name is GSPOST for Students (Graduate Plan of Study).The Plan of  Study must be approved by the day of graduation the semester before the student intends to graduate.
  • Have your Graduation Check performed before the end of the semester and register for graduation. The form is listed under Forms and Policies on the Graduate School website.  The name is GAAAP (Graduate Application and Approval Process).  This form must be completed by the day of graduation the semester before you intend to graduate.
  • Before the end of the semester: Meet with the chair of your advisory committee to discuss your portfolio and decide on the documents to be included, as well as your overall approach to the portfolio and presentation.

Second Year, Spring Semester

  • Mid-January:  Meet with the chair of your advisory committee to select possible date(s) for your portfolio presentation and oral exam.  The date must be confirmed by the Director of Graduate Studies-MTPC and by all members of the advisory committee.   Once that date is set, you and your committee chair must agree on deadlines for submitting the completed portfolio. When setting deadlines, keep in mind that (a) the chair will need two weeks to review the portfolio before asking for suggestions from the rest of the committee, and (b) the committee will need to receive the portfolio at least three weeks before the portfolio presentation and oral exam.
  • As you work on your portfolio, please keep in mind the MTPC faculty's rubric for assessing the MTPC program. We ask that you use two or three keywords from this rubric (e.g., "theory: approaches," and "theory/research: document design") as keyword labels for your memo and each of your meta-analyses.
  • Early February: Be sure that all incomplete grades are cleared.
  • Early February (or before):  Submit a complete draft of the portfolio to your advisory committee chair for review.  Based on the chair's suggestions, revise the portfolio. 
  • At least 3 weeks before the scheduled oral presentation and exam: Submit the revised portfolio to the chair and the other members of the advisory committee.  Establish a time to meet with the entire committee to discuss the portfolio and portfolio presentation and exam. 
  • At least 1 week before the scheduled oral presentation and exam: Meet with committee to receive further suggestions for revision and ask the committee to review the PowerPoint presentation. You must revise your portfolio according to the recommendations made by the chair and other members of the committee. You may also ask for guidance on how to prepare for oral exam questions.
  • No later than early April: Present your portfolio and pass the oral exam.
  • Immediately after your portfolio presentation and after passing your oral exam: Submit the website and PDF of your revised portfolio on CD-ROM to the chair of your advisory committee so that it can be archived. You will then receive a signed copy of Form 8, confirming that you have met the requirements for the MTPC, to take to the Graduate School. You cannot graduate without submitting Form 8. It must arrive at the Graduate School before April 15.

Last Updated: October 29, 2013