Almost April in Auburn

What is Almost April in Auburn?

Taking place on March 29-30, Almost April in Auburn (AAiA) is a two-day, conference-like event in which our second-year students present their portfolios of professional work. Presentations usually take about 30 minutes followed by a question-and-answer session. After their presentations, students meet with their portfolio committees to complete the oral exam. Upon satisfactorily meeting all portfolio requirements and successfully completing the exams, students will be approved to graduate from the MTPC program.

Almost April in Auburn is a spinoff of our MTPC conference April in Auburn. The event brings together MTPC students, rhetoric and composition graduate students, members of local Society for Technical Communication chapters (Birmingham, Huntsville, and Atlanta), alumni, and faculty to expand their professional knowledge and discuss issues affecting our field. Although we are not holding April in Auburn this year, in 2013 we wanted to continue the tradition of gathering to present and discuss our work. What better way than allowing our second-year graduate students to present their portfolios? These presentations will showcase the best of our students’ work and ideas, and we are proud to invite you to be a part of this unique opportunity. Please see our schedule of events, and we hope to see you at AAiA!


MTPC students complete portfolios during their final semester in the program. A satisfactory academic/professional portfolio, a presentation of the portfolio, and an oral exam are required for graduation from the MTPC program. The portfolio, the presentation of the portfolio, and the oral exam are reviewed by an advisory committee, which consists of three faculty members—a chair and two other faculty. The portfolio consists of a portfolio website, an introductory memo, a résumé, and five documents with a meta-analysis for each document.


As part of April in Auburn, MTPC students make posters presenting a project they have completed while in the program. Like the larger portfolio presentations, the posters showcase our students’ work and what they have learned. It is a chance for our students to highlight the important work they do and the contributions they are already making to the field of technical and professional communication.

Last Updated: March 12, 2013