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Lori Henning

Lori Henning
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Lori A. Henning, Instructor of the History of Technology, currently teaches Technology and Civilization and looks forward to offering courses in military history and technology.  Her work focuses on investigating the strategies employed by individuals and military organizations when addressing new technologies that threaten to alter or destroy an individual’s way of life or the way an institution functions.  Her dissertation, Envisioning the Aeroplane: Comparing the Spectrum of Responses in the American and British Armies to a Technology without Precedent, 1903-1939,examines how American and British cavalrymen responded to the unique challenges posed by airplanes to their role in modern warfare. 


Ph. D., History, Texas A&M University

Master of Arts, Social Science, University of Chicago

Bachelor of Arts, History and Political Science, Syracuse University

Last Updated: August 24, 2017