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Information and Links for Faculty and Instructors


Instructors must provide students with a copy (in print or online) of the course syllabus at the start of the semester and should also file a copy with the department. The College of Liberal Arts provides guidelines for syllabi online.

Policy on Number of Exams on a Single Day

There is a procedure for relief for students who have more than two exams scheduled on the same day. They may at any time request a change of date from one or more of their faculty members, who may agree to a change. But if no faculty member is willing to change, the student may request relief through the Associate Dean of the student’s major college no later than mid-semester. Read the full policy online.

Directed (Independent) Studies

Directed readings courses allow in-depth study of a particular subject by a student who is well into her or his major and, in extraordinary circumstances, accommodate scheduling issues when no other remedy is available. There are limits on the number of courses a student can count toward his or her major and on the number of courses an instructor can offer at one time as Directed Studies. Read the full policy online.

Directed Studies courses require prior approval of the department; the instructor and student must both sign the request form.

The Student Handbook (formerly the TigerCub)

The TigerCub Student Handbook has been replaced by the Student Policy eHandbook.

Academic (dis)Honesty

Please encourage students to academic excellence and honesty through your verbal and written (syllabi, Canvas pages) communication with them, and by taking care in the creation of assignments in a manner that, to the degree possible, helps to discourage academic dishonesty. The official student policy on Academic Honesty is available online.

More information on this topic, including a guide on how to deal with suspected breaches of Academic Honesty, is available to faculty through the provost's office.

Prevention helps, and the library has a page with information on topics about how to design assignments to discourage plagiarism and how to encourage students to develop and maintain academic integrity.

Other Teaching Resources

Assessment of Student Learning in History

The department aims to assess student learning with goals of:

  • Better defining what we want graduates to know and do;
  • Measuring the degree to which our graduates meet those goals; and
  • Taking steps to improve student learning in the major.

Faculty and Instructors can review the most recent Assessment Reports online.

Seating Charts for Campus Auditoria

GTAs have created blank seating charts for most of the large lecture halls frequently assigned for department classes. View and download these charts.

Last Updated: October 25, 2012