Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures

Pedro Cebollero

Pedro Cebollero Associate Professor
6066 Haley Center
(334) 844-6374

Office Hours

  • Wednesday 12:00-3:00pm; and by appointment


Ph.D., Boston University

Research and Teaching Interests

Colonial chronicles and epic poetry of Mexico and Hispanic Southern USA

Representative Publications

  • La poesía de Francisco de Terrazas: Edición crítica (forthcoming).
  • Discurso, retórica y agencia del criollo mexicano en "Nuevo Mundo y Conquista" de Francisco de Terrazas. VDM Verlag, 2009.
  • "The Double Discourse of Indian Mythicizing in Cabeza de Vaca's "Naufragios." Hispanic Journal 28.1 (Fall 2007): 23-34.
  • "Religious Typology and Early Creole Discourse in Epics from Mexico and New Mexico." Études Medievales 8.8 (2006): 65-73.

Classes Taught

  • FLSP 3010, Spanish Phonetics
  • FLSP 3030, Spanish Conversation through Film
  • FLSP 3040, Spanish Composition
  • FLSP 3100, Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • FLSP 3130, Topics in HIspanic Film
  • FLSP 3210, Spanish-American Civilization I
  • FLSP 3220, Spanish-American Civilization II
  • FLSP 3310, Commercial Spanish Translation
  • FLSP 4310, Business Spanish I
  • FLSP 4210, Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature
  • FLSP 4220, Topics in Spanish-American Literature: Literature, History, and Culture of US Hispanic Immigrants
  • FLSP 4320, Business Spanish II
  • FLSP 4420, Topics in Hispanic Literature and Culture: Hispanic Colonial Literautre of the USA
  • FLSP 4420, Topics in Hispanic Literature and Culture: Myths and Demystification of Mexicans and Mexican Americans in Film
  • FLSP 7050, Literary Criticism and Theory
  • FLSP 7150, Hispanic Colonial Literature of the United States
  • FLSP 7210, Colonial Spanish-American Literature
  • FLSP 7970, Seminar in Linguistics, Literature, and Culture: Colonial Satire
  • FLSP 7976, Special Topics in Linguistics Literature & Culture - Colonial Hispanic Culture of the United States (via distance education)

Last Updated: September 13, 2017