Courses and Requirements

BA in Professional and Public Writing (EGLW)
36 Credits

ENGL Core (9 credits)
Globalism, Sustainability, & Diversity (GSD) (3 credits)
Linguistics Course chosen among the following (3 credits):
         3110 Survey of Linguistics
         4140 Language Variation
         4150 Topics in Language Study
         4160 Technology, Literacy, & Culture
         5410 History of the English Language
         4000-level Literature Course (3 credits)

Professional and Public Writing Track (18 credits)
Gateway Course: 2010 Introduction to Professional Writing (3 credits)

Course in Rhetoric chosen among the following (3 credits):
         3120 Survey of Rhetoric
         4180 Rhetorical Theory & Practice

Course in TPC chosen among the following (3 credits):
         4020 TPC Editing (formerly 5000)
         4030 TPC Document Design (formerly 5010)

Course in Upper-Division Writing chosen among the following
(3 credits):
         3040 Technical Writing
         3080 Business Writing
         4000 Advanced Composition

Course in Topics of Writing and Literacy chosen among the following
(3 credits):
         4010 Topics in Writing*        
         4040 Public Writing (formerly 5030 Topics in TPC)
         4160 Technology, Literacy, & Culture

Capstone Course: 4810 Capstone in Professional Writing

ENGL Electives (9 credits)

BA in English Professional and Public Writing track in AU Bulletin

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Director of Undergraduate Studies
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