Department of English

Research and Technology Support

The Auburn University Libraries are centered in the Ralph Brown Draughon or RBD Library, but also include the smaller Library of Architecture, Design and Construction and the Cary Veterinary Medical Library. The combined holdings contain over 3.2 million volumes as well as 2.6 million government documents, 2.5 million microforms, and over 148,000 maps. The Libraries receive over 35,000 current periodicals, many of which are available online. The library also provides access to over 227 electronic databases and has over 10 million archival and manuscript items. Books are classified by the Library of Congress (LC) system and are arranged in open stacks by subject.

A member of the Association of Research Libraries, the RBD Library is a much-admired leader in computer-assisted research tools and facilities and readily supports most research projects in English Studies with its full and current collections. For teachers and researchers alike, instantaneous access from any campus location to Project Muse, the Chadwyck-Healey database, the OED, MLA, and a host of other dedicated electronic databases and journals proves itself invaluable time after time.

Technology Support

The university and the department offer graduate students free access to varied technologies for research and teaching, including email accounts, web space, and up-to-date hardware and software. The University's Office of Information Technology operates a wide variety of dedicated student computer labs all over campus, including two in Haley Center.

The English Department has two well-equipped workrooms for use by GTAs and three computer labs with desktops for composition classes. Numerous multimedia classrooms with Internet access, VCRs, and document cameras are available. All of the classrooms in Haley Center have wired and wireless Internet access.

The department and the university provide scanners, and software for web development, presentations, and course development (Blackboard and Canvas). Training and support for instructional and research technology are also provided by the College of Liberal Arts IT staff.

Last Updated: July 27, 2016