School of Communication & Journalism


All undergraduate students in the School of Communication and Journalism must complete an internship. Internships provide practical experiences in professional settings by enabling students to:

  • apply knowledge gained through coursework
  • gain hands-on, practical experience
  • learn from experts in the field
  • develop a network of contacts
  • gain a better understanding of what is necessary to succeed in the field
  • compare career choices

Internships must be relevant to the major. Your internship should provide the opportunity for hands-on, practical experience that takes place in a professional setting. The work should be appropriate for a college senior nearing completion of the degree. In addition, the on-the-job supervisor should be an expert in the field, capable of providing proper guidance.

Download the internship packet for your major for a complete overview of the internship program. 

For more information or for help in identifying and applying for an internship, please contact the faculty supervisor, Ric Smith.

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Last Updated: April 19, 2016