What is Communication?

Communication is one of life’s most important activities. It shapes how we achieve success, how we relate to others, and how we see the world.

Communication as an academic discipline focuses on how people create and share meaning within and across a variety of contexts, cultures, and channels.  Students of Communication build knowledge and skills with the goal of enhancing both their personal and their professional life.  An understanding the communication processes, help students better prepare themselves for living and working in our increasingly diverse and complex society.

Professionally, employers consistently rank communication skills as first among qualities they seek in future employees.  These skills go beyond public speaking to include the ability to work well interpersonally and in small groups.  At the personal level, enhanced communication skills lead to improved interpersonal relationships, better conflict resolution, and the ability to construct sound arguments.

The Communication faculty believes that COMM graduates should be ethical creators and informed consumers of communication in all of its forms. To achieve this goal, COMM majors study a variety of areas including public speaking, argument, leadership, persuasion, culture, diversity, team-building, organizations, interpersonal relationships, and social movements. 

Students who major in Communication have a wide range of career options available to them after graduation. Some examples: communication director, account executive, community relations director, pharmaceutical sales associate, museum curator, activities director, alumni coordinator, quality assurance analyst, special event coordinator, outreach and marketing coordinator, human resource specialist, managing editor, language arts teacher, and mediation specialist. The list of career options is as varied as the people who decide to become communication majors.

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Last Updated: June 13, 2014