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Graduate Awards

The Graduate Faculty of the School of Communication and Journalism recognizes outstanding graduate students with several awards: the Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award, the Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award, the Bert Bradley Award, and the Gayle K. Christopher Scholarship.

A call for nominations is sent out to the Graduate Faculty and the Basic Course Director by the Graduate Program Officer. The winners are chosen by the Graduate Awards Committee, a subcommittee of the School's Scholarships and Awards Committee. This subcommittee is chaired by the Graduate Program Officer. Nominations are reviewed by the committee and the winner is chosen by a majority vote of the committee members.

Award winners are recognized at the School's Spring Award ceremony. Each winner receives a certificate of recognition as well as a monetary award.

Description of Awards

The oldest and most prestigious of our graduate student awards, the Bert Bradley Award recognizes students who are outstanding in teaching, research and service. It is awarded to graduate students who have the best GPAs, have worked to present and publish their research, are excellent teachers, and provide service to the department. The Bert Bradley Award has been awarded since 1990.

The Gayle K. Christopher Scholarship is one of our newer graduate student awards. Beginning in 2003, this award is presented to a student with an excellent GPA who has established an interest in health and/or science communication. Winners typically plan to either work in a health or science field, or continue their graduate education in health or science communication.

The Graduate Student Service Award goes to graduate students who distinguish themselves by taking initiative and exceeding expectations in service to departmental faculty. These students often assist with conference planning, classes, film festivals or other departmental projects and initiatives.  This award was established in 1992.

The Susan L. Brinson Teaching Assistant Award in honor of Susan L. Brinson, Professor Emeritus goes to the teaching assistant who exemplifies the very best in teaching from among our many great graduate teaching assistants.  The award is based on student evaluations and faculty observations and has been awarded since 2017. 

Current Award Winners

2017 Bert Bradley

Devyn Mullis
Devyn Mullis

2017 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

Daniel Parks
Daniel Parks

2017 Graduate Student Service Award

Kesha James
Kesha James

Previous Award Winners*

Year Bert Bradley Award Susan L. Brinson Teaching  Award Graduate Student Service Award Gayle K. Christopher Scholarship
2017 Devyn Mullis Daniel Parks Kesha James  
2016 Courtney Edwards Beth Hatcher Katy Crider  
2015 Candace Aikens   Ariel Crawford
Matthew Stillwell
2014 Mille Harrison Nick Van der Linden Shaquille Marsh  
2013 Melissa McNelis Shannon Thompson Millie Harrison  
2012   Kari Wolf Sarah Mathers Kathryn Hall
2011 Brad Tillery Nicole Staricek Joni Richards  
2010 Jeremy Padget Joni Richards Brad Tillery  
2009 Doo Hun Choi
Carey Moore
Billy Ferris Raven Everidge Nicole Murray
2008 Josh Hillyer
Gretchen Stull
Kelly Williams Andrew Davis Brittany DuBose
2007 rica Elliott Mark Walters Andrew Davis  
2006 Christy Cooksey
Jennifer Gill
Martha Isom Nicole Cann Martha Isom
2005 Laura Beth Daws
Scott Hanson
  Haijing Tu Justin Lambert
2004 Danielle Williams   Silas Zee Meredith Kincaid
2003 Jennifer McCullars   Danielle Williams Jessica King
2002 April Roth
Sam Brumbeloe
  Jennifer Penry  
2001 Allison Hattaway
John Youngblood
  Shana Dean  
2000 David Sadlow
George Wilson
  Mary Taylor  
1998     Michele Moore  
1997 Christian Kiewitz
John Strada
  Tara Scanio  
1996 William McCartney
Christian Kiewitz
  April Cain  
1995 Elizabeth Yarbrough   Stephanie Sargent  
1994 Harold Hays Jr.   Michelle Kirtley  


*Awards may not be made every year. Prior to the 2017, the Susan L. Brinson Teaching Assistant Award was presented as the outstanding graduate student teaching award.

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