Public Administration

Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration

A B.A. in Public Administration prepares students to serve others in both public and non-profit institutions. It helps develop the skills needed to assume major leadership roles in delivering the services provided by local, state, and national governments, community service groups, and non-profit organizations. Outstanding majors also have the opportunity to enter the accelerated BA/MPA program.

Minor in Public Administration

A minor in public administration requires 6 hours of foundations course work and 9 hours of emphasis in one of two tracks: Public Management or Non-Profit Organizations and Community Governance.

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  • Dr. Kathleen Hale, Public Administration Major Director

  • 8030C Haley Center
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Careers in Public Administration

Public Administration and Public Service are in some ways synonymous with one another. Those who enter the field of Public Administration are public servants in the truest sense of the term. They are the men and women who provide the leadership for the delivery of the various services provided by local, state and national government. They may also provide the expertise that elected officials need to make public policy. Career opportunities range from supervising a city parks and recreation program or administering personnel policies to being a policy analyst for either a legislative body or an executive department. Some of our graduates also pursue careers in the administration of private non-profit organizations.

Below are some examples of successful careers for graduates in public administration.

  • City Management
  • Financial Administration
  • Budget Analysis
  • Community Services/Affairs
  • Social Services
  • Urban Planning
  • Nonprofit Administration
  • Fundraising/Development
  • Policy Analysis
  • Grant Writing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Environmental Management
  • Public Safety and Criminal Justice
  • Risk Management
  • Emergency Services Management
  • Commerce and Insurance
  • Purchasing and Acquisitions
  • Legislature
  • International Affairs
  • Program Management
  • Enforcement and Compliance
  • Security and Protection
  • Government Administration
  • Campaign Management
  • Advocacy
  • Political Advising
  • Lobbying
  • Law
  • Health Services Administration

Curriculum in Public Administration

POLI 1090 American Government with a C or better is a prerequisite for some higher-level political science courses. A score of 4 or higher on the AP American Government test satisfies the prerequisite requirement. Contact the department chair or program coordinator for further information.

ENGL 1100 English Composition I3ENGL 1120 English Composition II3
Foreign Language I (College Core)4Foreign Language II (College Core)4
Core Humanities (PHIL 1020 preferred)13Core Science II4
Core Science I4POLI 1090 American Government in Multicultural World3
 14 14
Core History3Core History to complete sequence3
Core Literature3Course from Group 1 - Quantitative Methods24
Core Mathematics3POLI 1050 Global Politics and Issues or ECON 2020 Principles of Microeconomics3
Core Fine Arts3COMM 1000 Public Speaking33
POLI 2100 State and Local Government3LBAR 2010 Liberal Arts Careers Preparation2
 Elective 1
 15 16
POLI 3250 Introduction to Public Administration3POLI 3260 Organization Theory3
POLI 3270 Policy Process3Course from Group 3 - Conflict Resolution23
Course from Group 4 - Cultural Diversity23Electives9
Electives 3 
POLI 3000 Political Science Research Methods I3 
 15 15
POLI 4140 Public Finance3Course from Group 2 - Government and Administration23
POLI 4160 Public Personnel Administration3Group 5 - Public Law23
Course from Group 2 - Government and Administration23Electives9
Electives7UNIV 4AA0 University Graduation0
 16 15
Total Hours: 120

If Literature requirement was completed prior to Fall 2013, Core Humanities must cover SLO 3.


Students must meet with their advisers to determine approved courses for Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.


COMM 1000 fulfills SLO 7.


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Last Updated: June 22, 2016