The Dance Minor

15 semester hours in Minor (minimum 9 hours at 3000 level or above)

The four courses below comprise the dance minor core and are required of all dance minors:

THEA 2840 Beginning Dance Techniques (3)  
THEA 3840 Intermediate Dance Techniques I (3)  
THEA 3850 Intermediate Dance Techniques (3)  
THEA 4840 Advanced Dance Techniques (3)  
Total Semester Hours:     12
Three additional credits must be selected from:
THEA 2310 Theatre Technology I (3)  
THEA 2610 Costume Construction (3)  
Total Semester Hours:     3
Total semester hours in the minor:     15

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THEA 2840Beginning Dance Techniques3
THEA 3840Intermediate Dance Techniques I3
THEA 3850Intermediate Dance Techniques II3
THEA 4840Advanced Dance Techniques3
THEA 2310Theatre Technology I3
or THEA 2610 Costume Construction
Total Hours15

Minimum 9 hours at 3000-level or above

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Last Updated: August 06, 2014