Student Eminent Society

unidentified members of the Student Eminent Society

The College of Liberal Arts Student Eminent Society is a select group of Liberal Arts undergraduate students that serve as ambassadors to the College of Liberal Arts. Student Eminent Society members have the opportunity to be liaisons between the students, faculty, and alumni of CLA, as well as the official hosts for CLA events throughout the academic year. The Student Eminent Society (SES) is responsible for assisting the college and development staff with academic, donor, and alumni events.

Along with serving as ambassadors for the College of Liberal Arts, Student Eminent Society has taken on a role with CLA student recruiting. SES has the opportunity to work closely with prospective students and their families, along with current students seeking information about different majors within CLA and a Liberal Arts education. Student Eminent Society members promote pride in Auburn University and are part of the Liberal Arts family..

The Student Eminent Society meets at 6:30 p.m. every other Tuesday of each month during the Fall and Spring semesters. All meetings are mandatory. Officers meet the Tuesday before each meeting to discuss important topics and prepare the agenda for the next general meeting.

Please use the Student Eminent Society Event Request Form to request the services of SES at your events.


SES partners with The BigHouse Foundation

Chill Fundraiser participantsThe College of Liberal Arts' Student Eminent Society (SES) would like to announce that they have established their first long-term philanthropy effort with The BigHouse Foundation in Opelika, Ala. BigHouse is dedicated to meeting the needs and improving the quality of life of foster families in Lee County. They provide everything from clothes and basic items to activities for foster children. According to BigHouse's website, their mission is to "connect the needs of foster families with the generosity of our community through the love of Jesus Christ."

Ally Mills, special projects and philanthropy chair for SES, says that she is thrilled about the organization moving forward with a long-term philanthropy partnership.

"I am overjoyed about the opportunity of working with The BigHouse Foundation," Mills says. "It is incredibly humbling to hear what the BigHouse is offering to foster children in the area. They are not only providing foster families with needed items, but they are providing a fun and loving environment for the kids. We may only play a small role, but we are honored to help make an impact in the community."

That being said, SES has recognized the many needs at BigHouse and in the surrounding community, and has decided to partner with their philanthropic efforts. The organization has begun volunteering at BigHouse once a month, and is collecting items for the holiday season, including hats and gloves for the foster children, as well as gifts for the children to give to their parents. For more information about The BigHouse Foundation, visit

Last Updated: February 23, 2017