Schools, Departments, and Programs

Students at Auburn UniversityThe College of Liberal Arts is Auburn's oldest and largest school and the largest liberal arts college in the state of Alabama. The College continues a long tradition of quality education and instruction in a number of outstanding departments.

The College of Liberal Arts is composed of one school and twelve departments which are divided into the four academic areas:

  • Fine Arts
    Departments that offer studies in the fine arts include Art & Art History, Music, and Theatre.
  • Humanities
    Departments that offer studies in the humanities include English, Foreign Languages and Literature, History, and Philosophy (including Religious Studies).
  • Communications
    The communications area includes the Department of Communication Disorders and the School of Communication & Journalism.
  • Social Sciences
    The social sciences include the Departments of Economics, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work.

In general, a liberal arts degree provides a comprehensive education and a strong background for graduate or professional school.

Last Updated: November 10, 2014