Auburn Writers Conference

Literary Harvests: Creativity and Sustainability

October 16-17, 2015

Auburn University Student Center


Whether generating a new piece of fiction from an old story you scrapped or tuning your poetic ear to abandoned aphorisms and slang, every writer knows the pleasure of creating something new from something old. Writing is nothing if not the sustainable and sustaining work of our lives. And that writing is fed by the cultural and ecological connections we all work to preserve in our communities and across our landscapes. At our 6th annual gathering of writers and readers, the Auburn Writers Conference will be celebrating Literary Harvests: Creativity and Sustainability. With poets Jennifer Chang and Martha Serpas, nonfiction writers David Gessner and Janisse Ray, fiction writer Michael Martone, and many other award-winning authors, we will be rediscovering that enduring intersection of words and the dirt they grow from.

We invite you to join us for instruction, practice, perspective, and community, among writers and readers who are reworking the fertile soil of memory, imagination, and language.