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Minor in Art History

The Minor in Art History is ideal for students who wish to supplement any major area of study with the visually and intellectually stimulating study of art and visual culture. Minors develop numerous transferable skills including writing, research, critical thinking, visual analysis, and verbal communication. These are skills invaluable in professions as diverse as law, medicine, communication, business, and museum and gallery work.


Students who minor in Art History complete the three-semester Survey of Art History as well as three additional advanced art history courses of their choice:

ARTS 1710: Intro to Art History I (3 credits)
ARTS 1720: Intro to Art History II (3 credits)
ARTS 1730: Intro to Art History III (3 credits)
3/4000-level Art History (3 credits)
3/4000-level Art History (3 credits)
3/4000-level Art History (3 credits)

Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA in the Art History Minor.

Honors Art History Survey Courses (ARTS 1717, 1727, and 1737) also fulfill the coursework in the minor.

Note: If a course has been used to fulfill any other university requirement, it cannot be used to complete a CLA minor. Please see your minor advisor for details.

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